workarounds for improved accessibility

Gudrun Brunot

Hi all: I’m looking for some help, actually. I’ve used BIAB since 2005 and have the latest 2020 version with xtra styles, bonus paks, the works. I have also installed scripts for using BIAB with JAWS, the accessible screen reading program developed by Pete Torpey and used by visually impaired BIAB customers. Yes, I have the list of BIAB hotkeys also. Now, to the crux:


A few years ago, the BIAB interface was easier to navigate than it is today. With frequent updates, accessibility can get broken, so you get “updated away” from usability. I have, to the best of my ability, prepared some simple audio tutorials for some functions to share with fellow musicians, and so have other visually impaired BIAB users. The thing is, each one of us has to find a way of getting the task done that we want to accomplish, and, without knowing exactly what needs to be happening, that can be impossible to accomplish. In short,  if I knew more, if I could figure out more keystroke maneuvers I’d try to prepare more “eyes-free” tutorial to help visually impaired fellow BIAB users.


I have contacted PGMusic Marketing repeatedly with a list of issues I’d want to work on, asking if they could possibly find someone in their outfit who could spend an hour or two with me to put together workarounds. The silence has been deafening, so now, I’m turning to this list.


How do I envision this to work? TeamViewer would allow another person to see my screen, and we would both have access to it, and that program allows conversation as well.


What are some of the issues on that list? Moving a set of bars from one location to another. Getting more efficient use out of the style picker—for instance, selecting an xtra style is very tricky.


I may be asking a lot, I know, but there is no obligation to reply if the answer is no. That’s the comforting thing.




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