Tip (Requires BIAB10 & PT7)


I have noticed that pianist playing double octave melody will often
play the low note first, and then the high note slightly delayed.
I have found a way to achive this effect using a combination of
BIAB10 & PowerTracksProAudio7(also from P.G. Music). I first create
the song using "Double Octave Piano" in BIAB10. I then render the
song to a midi file. Once the midi file is loaded in PT7, The low
note melody will be on one track, and the high note will be on
another track. Once the track with the high notes is highlighted
(selected),I then use the "Slide" feature in PT to slide the selected
high note track to the right (delay) about 25 to 50ms depending on
the desired effect. The low and high tracks can then be merged to a
single track if desired.
Dave Price<
dprice8292 at aol dot com