Pracitce tool (was: Test -- please ignore)

Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

At 03:27 PM 1/21/01 +0000, John Birchall <> wrote:
yep you can post ... !
I've just joined myself ... what happens next??
I guess we talk about Band-in-a-Box stuff. Help each other with problems
and exchange ideas.

Bush sax player from Chester.
Greetings from the USA, John.

I play sax, too. I have an H. Couf Superba, Grassi Prestige and antique,
circa 1925 King. I also play WX5 / VL70-m wind synthesizer. But that is
for another mail list.

To keep this on topic, I think that Band-in-a-Box is the greatest tool for
practicing improvisation. I can play my sax or wind synth along with BiaB
and try out daring things without embarrassing myself in front of other
musicians if they don't work. By being daring and trying things out, you
can discover new ways to express yourself.

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