Partial n/f on Mixer


Morning all, from shut-down Wales

[I think this is the first time I've posted to the new location, so apologies if I've got the address wrong].

This post started as an enquiry but has changed in the process into a report ! Bear with me !

I haven't used Biab for some weeks, and this morning have input an new chord sequence.........There's something odd about the Mixer. The solo and mute buttons work, but the volume slides seem to be disconnected. I can control volume by the buttons/display at the top of the screen, but even then the numeric display for the volume on the Mixer doesn't reflect what is actually set and playing.

At this point it occurred to me to go to the Patches tab of the Mixer to see if that was working, and I reset the bass to something ridiculous, just to see. Yes, the change happened - and suddenly, the sliders were working again ! Wierd. One for the archives - may help someone, sometime.

Stay safe, everyone.

Ian G.