New member introduction

Nigel Stanley <nstanley@...>

This could be a useful group. My few words of introduction:

I've had BIAB ever since it came out on the Atari - I hate to think of the cost of upgrades through to v10.

I've used it for all kinds of things over that time. My instrument is the bass, and I used BIAB as a key practice aid in learning to play walking bass for jazz, and still use it for practicing soloing.

My main use now is for jazz arranging. For example for a Christmas gig, I found a bunch of Christmas songs on the web. Some I just printed out leadsheets in C Bb and Eb, others I reharmonised. God Rest Ye Merry Genetlemen as a bossa is surprisingly good!

I also use it as an aid for doing big band arrangements and compositions. As someone was asking about doing big band stuff, perhaps it would be interesting to hear how I do it.

If it's an arrangement I usually have the head from one of the web downloads I have done over the years. One can play around with reharmonising, and different feels till it sounds good. If it's an original I will also start with getting the main theme into BIAB.

I then cut and paste into Cakewalk, where I do the actual arrangements. I sometime use the BIAB harmonies, but find that you have to go through them carefully to get the ranges and voice leading right, so often don't. I often play around with the melodist and soloist features - not to use the whole part but often there's an interesting idea, just a 3 note motif that can set off more ideas.

Once I've got it right in Cakewalk I then output to a notation programme to print out parts.

I'm currently working on Giant Steps, with a brazilian rhythm to start with, then into swing for a sax soli, then some solos. The next section then changes the harmony on the main theme to melodic minor using some fairly dissonant extensions. Then back to the proper changes with stop time and drum fills and then back to the brazilian feel, for restatements.

It all feels a bit like cheating at times as BIAB gives so much assistance with this whole process. It also helps to have a good sound card. I use a Yamaha SW1000XG, as everything can sound muddy with smaller sample sets.

Anyway, enough about me!

Nigel Stanley