New Member Introduction

Melvin (Mel) Webb

Hi, everyone,
I am a new member as of this date. My name is Mel Webb and I have
been a BIAB user for the past 12-13 years,in fact, way back when BIAB
was only made for the Atari computer and it only had SGU files and 3
instruments. It has been fun to grow with the program, to watch it
grow from the Atari to the PC and Mac. And more specifically to the
inclusion of 7 instruments and MGU files. I presently use the latest
version 10.
I am 73 yrs of age now, and began using BIAB when I was 60. I am
completely self taught in the use of a PC computer, and I taught
myself how to use and understand the BIAB music program. I am not a
pro musician, I don't play any type of instrument, nor do I know how
to read a music sheet. I have encouraged about 50 people in the last
5 years to purchase the BIAB program, and have subsequently taught at
least a dozen people, in at least the same number of different
countries (via eamil!) on how to use the program. I have an Ensoniq
SQ2 keyboard that I have managed to 'knuckle' out some tunes of my
own with one hand! Other than that, I mainly arrange other MGU files
of pop tunes to my own liking, and I use the 'Melodist' feature in
BIAB to create my own compositions on my home page at
I have about 700 of my midi files on my home site if anyone cares to
visit and listen to my stuff.
Way back when I first started, I found Bob 'Notes' Norton's ad in the
back of the Electronic Musician magazine advertising his own style
creations for the BIAB program as a 3rd party creator. I sent for the
style disks that he had at the time, and subsequently we became good
friends. Bob encouraged me to join the AOL online service so that we
could communicate via email. He also introduced me to BIAB. I started
making midi files as soon as I taught myself how to use the program.
I would record my midi files on audio tape and mail them to Bob for
his expert opinon. It was Bob's help and encouragement that piqued my
interest in learning all I could with my new 'toy'. I was hooked, I
decided that it was fun to make music with a computer, and so I
applied myself full bore and have never regretted a minute of it. I
guess it was about 5 years later when Bob asked me to be a beta
tester for the new styles that he was creating. I was thrilled that a
pro musician had that much confidence in me to trust my input in
helping ( as a user ) to test the files before he offered them for
sale. We have since, become the best of friends because of his
untiring help to me. We have never in all of those years met
personaly, but we feel as though we have. Anyone associated with Bob,
is fortunate to have him as friend.( that includes his wife Leilani
too )
Well, that should be enough about me for this intro. If anyone cares
to learn more about me and listen to my midi files, and view the
photos of my equipment that I use, (also visit my Tribute site to
Frank Sinatra) ( I am also the Easy Listening Director at the Midi
Consortium )you can link to any of those sites from my home page.
Enjoy the music, and thank you PG Music for thee best music program
in the world, that allows non pro's like me, the opportunity to
create music.

Mel Webb