New Member Introduction

Frank Hand

My name is Frank Hand. I'm a Television Producer/Director and work
in the Irish State TV company - RT.

I don't have anything like the competencies as a musician of those
other members, who have introduced themselves to the group over the
last couple of days. However I do play keyboards and mandolin and
have a basic knowledge of MIDI. In spite of my lack of ability,
music is one of my great loves.

I only heard of BIAB about 18 months ago and bought myself version 9
and PowerTracks 6 as Christmas presents. Also ended up buying some
of the Pianist Series, so for a while there I was a particularly good
customer of PGMusic! Didn't do much with BIAB last year as I was
concentrating on improving my playing technique with the help of the
Pianist CDs. However I treated myself to another present last
Christmas and upgraded to BIAB 10 and PowerTracks 7.

I've been working through the manual and asking questions at the
Forum for the last month or so. Bob has already put me straight in a
few areas. Thanks, Bob! Hoping to really get to grips with BIAB in
the coming months.


Frank Hand

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