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Well, this is not specifically BIAB-related, but if you like learning solos
you might also look at PG Music's "The Jazz Soloist", if you haven't
already. It's basically Midi performances of soloing over different common
chord progressions, from blues to standards. I think Miles Black, who's
done a bunch of other PG stuff including the excellent "Jazz Pianist
Masterclass", performs the solos. Anyway, they're easier to pick up by ear
than records since they're Midi and you can isolate, slow down, etc., even
print out if you get stuck, but they are live, complete performances, which
I think gives them much more coherence than the BIAB-generated solos, which
tend to sound to me like a bunch of licks strung together. Info and example
at .

Anyway, just a thought.


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I have had BIB for about two yeas and my playing has improved
dramatically. Whenever I am bored or uninspired I let the soliost
create a solo and I learn it.