How do they do it?


Does anyone have any ideas how BIAB actually implements the 'soloist'
and 'melodist' features, especially in the different styles.

From a computer science point of view, there have been a zillion PhD
on the topic of algorithmically generating Jazz Improvisations and
melodies, but I think what BIAB actually does is way beyond what
anyone else has even dreamed of.

Any white papers? Conference papers? Anything describing the inner
workings of this feature? Is there an API? Can 3rd parties create a
new 'soloist'?


Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

At 06:47 PM 1/24/01 +0000, danadler@... wrote:

Can 3rd parties create a
new 'soloist'?

According to PG music, the answer is "No"

If anyone ever figures out how, I also would be interested.

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