Help make this become a great source of information and friendship

Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

The more people there are on this group, the better it will be for everybody.

It is up to us to promote it.

Tell all your BiaB friends about it and invite them to join.

If somebody hasn't already done it, please post an invitation on the
appropriate PG Music forum. (Since I write commercial styles for
Band-in-a-Box, I try to keep my participation in the PG Music forum to a

More members, mean more suggestions, more help and more information.

I belong to a list similar to this that is for wind synthesizer players,
and it has become the best thing that has ever happened to my wind synth
knowledge. I have also made some great friends on that list. In short, it
has enriched my life.

This group can be that good for Band-in-a-Box users. It's up to us.

Let me make a few suggestions:

* Invite BiaB friends, the more BiaB users on the list, the better it will
be (but please don't SPAM this in inappropriate places).

* Keep the posts on topic, especially when the list gets large, this will
help the people who pay by the minute for Internet service (some countries
still do this).

* Be kind and respectful to each other -- even if we have a difference of
opinions. Just don't say anything to another group member that you wouldn't
want said to you

* Offer information when you can. Although the more experienced people can
do a lot of good helping the less experienced ones, one thing I learned as
a sax teacher -- you can always learn something from a student. If you have
good input, share it with others. We should all contribute to our own
capacity to help.

The above are my suggestions and my suggestions only. The represent my
opinions and have been formed by my affiliation with other groups. They are
not official e-group rules, and any e-group rules should supercede these

The main idea here, as I see it, is to (first) have some fun (second) share
information to help our brothers and sisters and (third) make some new friends.

Bob "Notes" Norton
owner, Norton Music

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