M. Steven Ginn <sginn@...>

Hi Peter,

For transpose : click with your left mousebutton on the bar you
want transpose.
Hold the button down,and drag every thing you want transpose until
you see a black field.
(hold it black).
Now you must go to EDIT , than TRANSPOSE ,and you can see how many
bars for transpose.
Hope this will help you.(and understand what i meant)

Greetings from the Netherlands, Peter

(My Dutch is much better).
Is this in notation mode? Will it not try and transpose the chords that
I entered as well? You see if I enter the chords, I put them in
correctly for each key, but when I get to the notation and need to enter
the melody, whatever key I pick in the beginning will apply to every
note I enter, regardless of whether the previously entered chord is in
the right key. If this will transpose just the notes, thereby putting
the correct accidentals on all the notes relative to the songs key,
without changing the entered chord, then it would be useful. At least
until PG added this necessary feature.



P.S. I think your english sounds fine!