BIAB 2021 for Windows Build 844 Now Available

Hayward Martin

Build 844 BIAB 2021 Windows now available from PGMusic...
Summary of changes for Build 844 (Oct 15, 2021)

  • Fixed: Edit > Song Memo did not work.
  • Fixed: "Include ACID info" render setting did not work.
  • Fixed: Batch rendering audio files might render songs at the wrong tempo.
  • Fixed: The Chord Breaks feature was not working.
  • Fixed: Song audio transpose setting should not be applied if no Artist Performance Tracks are present.
  • Fixed: The Mixer may appear to be using the wrong levels after rendering to individual tracks.
  • Fixed: Errors in tool tips for screen-mode buttons.
  • Fixed: When saving an unsaved song as MIDI, the song title should be used as the suggested file name.
  • Fixed: Rendered file might not be shown in Windows Explorer after rendering.
  • Improved: Rendering MIDI to audio may be faster in some cases.
  • Fixed: [DAW Plugin] Styles with [Half-Time] RealTracks (eg _LAUNCH.STY) are generated at half the tempo.
  • Fixed: Some bar settings might be ignored in rendered files.
  • Fixed: Drawing issues in the RealTracks Picker when the list is not focused.
  • Fixed: The song tempo is doubled if choosing a RealTrack that is [Double-Time] and then clicking on [Generate Track].
  • Fixed: "Include Mix" setting in the Drop Plus dialog was ignored.
  • Fixed: Issues with accidentals on tied notes.