sticky Attachments to Emails #GroupAdmin

BIAB Moderator

Attachments to emails are automatically stripped from emails. This is to:

1/ Help prevent the spread of computer viruses
2/ Prevent the distribution of large files which can overwhelm mailboxes etc
3/ There is no easy mechanism to move attachments from emails to files and to archive them.

To contribute files please upload them to a folder you create in: Files>01. BIAB New Files

How to Do It: 

  1. Select "Files" on the left-side menu, then click on "01. BIAB New Files" Delete
  2. Click on "New Folder" and create a folder to put your files in, you can create a folder and sub-folders etc.,
  3. Click on the blue "Upload File" button at the top of the page.
  4. In the resulting Upload File dialog, click the Browse button.
  5. Select as many files as you want from the resulting File Explorer "Open" window. In Windows, you can do this by clicking and dragging with the mouse, or hold down the CTRL key while clicking on several files.  If there are several contiguous files, select the first, hold Shift, and select the last.  CTRL-A will also work to select all the files, but you have to click somewhere in the "Open" box first.
  6. When you're done making your selections, click the Open button at the bottom.
  7. The files you selected should now appear as thumbnails in the Upload dialog. Some of these thumbnails may not render properly, and could even display an error message. Don't worry about this, it's not important
  8. Enter a description if you want and click the blue Add button to actually upload them.
Note:  You may have noticed that if you select a folder, the folder will not appear among the thumbnails in the Upload dialog. There is no provision within to upload a folder and its contents in one step. You have to manually create the directory structure within first, using a series of "New Folder" operations. At that point you can then upload a collection of files into each folder.