Getting Started with BIAB

Rich Notargiacomo

Hello all, I’m ”new” to the group – actually I signed up many years ago just after buying BIAB 2011 and never really did anything with the group or the software.  Now semi-retired, and with more time on my hands, I just upgraded to the latest edition of BIAB and would actually like to start using it to generate play-along tracks for practice and enjoyment. – which leads me to two questions…


  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, user-friendly tutorial/introduction to the program?  I’ve found a few on the web, but I’d rather have something with a recommendation.
  2. I recall that the prior site had a library of songs that users had created.   So far, I’ve not found how to access them on this new site.  Can anyone point me to a “read me” or otherwise indicate how to find/download the tracks.


Thanks for your help.


Happy New Year!!




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