5 NEW add-on products from Norton Music for Band-in-a-Box #Norton

Bob 'Notes' Norton

New Product Announcement - Over 2 years in the making!

2 New Style Disks (they include scores of free fancy intros and endings)
  1. Style Disk 28 -  Rock 'n' Roll http://www.nortonmusic.com/style28.html
  2. Style Disk 29 - Smooth Jazz, Fusion and Jazz Rock http://www.nortonmusic.com/style29.html

3 New Fake Disks with optional Fake Books
  1. The Real Pop Disk Vol.1 / The Real Pop Book Vol.1 http://www.nortonmusic.com/fake43.html
  2. The Real Disk Vol.2 / The Real Book Vol.2 http://www.nortonmusic.com/fake44.html
  3. The Real BeBop Disk / The Real BeBop Book http://www.nortonmusic.com/fake45.html
There are mp3 audio files for the style disks, and each fake disk contains 2 free sample songs in sgu format