Still Using Old version! #BiaBPrevious

Geoff Barnard

Interesting to find this forum, but I'm still using a version of BiaB from about 1991, the IBM Version 5

Way back then I was doing all my midi bits on a Pentium 75 computer with DOS, and this machine still had the old ISA slots, which I needed for my Roland LAPC-I card which provided both synth sounds, and midi connections to other devices (such as my Yamaha MU90r and a Korg NS5r).   I was creating files within BiaB using guitar tabs to get the basic chords, then adding the melody afterwards onto the saved midi file using other software.   Seemed to work quite well.

I have no wish to discard the Roland card, the standard sounds are OK, I can load a GM sound set if need be, although any external devices are much better with the GM sounds.  I cannot put the Roland card into anything newer, machines just do NOT have ISA slots anymore!

If I MUST do things with my newer computer, well, the XP machine uses SynthFont with the 'Timbres of Heaven' SF2 data, but I still go back to the older setup as I have enough files which still sound great through the Yamaha unit.

As far as specifically BiaB is concerned, I'm sure that the newer versions do some fancy things that my 1991 version does not, but my version still seems to do quite enough for me, and it WORKS, incl with the hardware/setup that I have.

I don't expect that any of the internal BiaB files are compatible over such a version gap?


David H. Bailey

On 1/17/2020 7:05 PM, wrote:

I don't expect that any of the internal BiaB files are compatible over such a version gap?
I'm very impressed that you've been able to keep such an old setup working all these years! Congratulations!

It's hard to say whether a newer version's song files will work with your computer. The only way to know for sure would be for you to download a couple and try them.

David H. Bailey