Styles and Macs/This is how to change those PC style files to Mac files


Sometimes you have to change those PC style files to Mac style files because the Mac version of B in a B
can't see those styles created by our PC friends.

You simply change the file type and file creator.

There are Mac programmes such as FileBuddy and Snitch that make it very easy.

My strong recommendation here is don't use apple'sRES-Edit, its overkill for this job.

I have often wondered why those PG guys have never provided a drag/drop file type/creator changer for
Mac users.

Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

At 02:41 PM 2/15/01 +0000, you wrote:

I have often wondered why those PG guys have never provided a drag/drop
file type/creator changer for
Mac users.
There *is* a program that allows PC users to read and write Mac files (I
think it is called DataVis or something close).

The problem is that the percentage of Mac users are so small, most PC users
don't have a real need for it.

On the other hand, the Mac users do have a definite need for a conversion
program, which is why Apple introduced Apple File Exchange so many years
ago, and have evolved it into PC Exchange.

I have a Mac and a PC and when I need to exchange files, I use PC Exchange
on the Mac. There is no need for me to buy the other product. Most Mac
users have Apple File Exchange or later, so the PC user doesn't have to
have the reciprocal program.

Back when I needed both Apple File Exchange and Norton Utilities to convert
each file on an individual basis, I really dreaded making that exchange and
wrote several letters to Apple telling them to go with the flow. They
remained unanswered. PC Exchange is much better, do it once and it happens
automatically the next time, so I guess even though I did not get an
answer, they were working on the problem.

The Mac header information (Type and Creator) are Mac only devices. I
believe I can take a MIDI file made from an Atari, PC, Linux and a dozen or
so other kinds of computers, post them on the web, download and play with
no problem on everything but the Mac. The Mac insists on being different,
so unfortunately, the Mac users have to pay the price.

It is my opinion that the Mac should change their file system and get rid
of the type and creator and adopt the three letter extension of the PC. I
think Apple wasn't so stubborn and went with what has become the standard
file system of the industry, they would sell more computers. But I am on
the outside looking in and perhaps there is a lot that is not apparent to me.

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