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Well I sat down with BiaB last night to try and enter in my first piece of
music, hoping to begin the process of building my personal library. And
much to my frustration, I ran into the following problems which I couldn't
seem to find the answer for anywhere in the documentation.

First, I could not find how to put a key change in the middle of the piece
other than forcing all the accidentals to change the piece to the new key
manually which was extremely tedious.

Second, while entering in the melody, I found it very difficult to enter the
melody exactly like it should be. For example in one measure, I could not
enter a dotted quarter followed by an eighth note ... The program persisted
in entering a quarter note tied to a sixteenth note followed by a dotted
eighth, but when you actually played it back in Lead Sheet mode it displayed
the notes as two quarters (figure that one out). Also, I could not find
anywhere in the documentation about how to tie notes together within a
measure so they would be either slurred or held as a single note with the
combined duration.

Finally, the styles have little to be desired with most sounding somewhat
the same except for maybe the rhythm pattern when moving from a swing feel
to a straight ahead rock feel. It was also frustrating when changing a
style to learn that the melody line that I had painstakingly entered had now
been changed into a very mundane resemblance of its original structure.

All in all, very frustrating.

I really want to tough it out with this program because of all the messages
I have read from people on this list that talk about the wonderful things
this program can do. I can also see how this could help speed up the
creation of lead sheets (in conjunction with a real notation program) with
its creation of piano and rhythm sections. But if it is going to actually
create twice as much work in the process, as much as I would like to have my
library available for practicing along with, I think I will pass.



M. Steven Ginn <sginn@...>

Hi Dave,

thanks for the reply

You didn't say which version of BIAB you have, or which
styles disk you have
or if you have a PC or Mac.
I have version 10 for the PC and I have no idea what styles disk I have.
I originally purchased a combo pak that contained BB 8.0 and Powertraks
Pro and then recently upgraded to version 10, but I have only gone
through the standard installation and don't know what features (styles)
were installed.

First of all, If you have not done so, I would recommend
getting the MegaPack
upgrade to the latest version (version 10 for the PC). It
includes ALL the
styles up to and including Styles disk 26, and at a much
better price than
buying individual styles disks. Some of the latest styles
require version 10
to function properly.
I wish I would have known about upgrading to the MegaPack before I
recently upgraded to version 10.

So I assume these other Styles disks improve BB sound it doesn't sound
so "computeresque" cheesy?

BIAB is much more functional with a good selection of styles.
As for notation entering and editing, its quite easy.
There are 3 modes of notation. Pressing the N button toggles
I figured this part out and yes, clicking on the staff with the mouse is
fairly easy, if you are willing to accept what it gives you.

between these 3
modes. Shift click to backup one mode. In the editable
Also, If you use the mouse to enter a note, it will enter a
"long" note, but
when the next note is clicked, the previous note is
automatically shortened,
the next note is automatically shortened so that the combined notes in
the measure add up to the required number of beats per measure, but the
shortened notes don't necessarily arrive in the correct order. For
example you might want 1.5 + .25 + 1 + 1 + .25, but BB gives you 1 + .75
+ .25 + 1 + 1 (very crude I know, but it explains the problems I
experienced with a single measure for a long time before giving up.