Practice Features Not Working #BiaB2021



I am new to this group, but a longtime BIAB user. I upgraded recently to Ver. 2021. I am having problems with two features of the Practice Window: Chord Breaks and Woodshedding.

Chord Breaks is designed to have the tune play a specified number of bars and then drop out (fall silent) for a specified number of bars. I have used this in previous versions.

In Ver. 2021, the band doesn't drop out. What I notice is that the drum track will drop out, but all other instruments continue playing.

Woodshedding is designed to increase the tempo by a specified number of BPM, each time the tune begins again.

In Ver. 2021, the tempo remains static - it does not increase.

Has anyone here encountered this problem? If so, have you found a fix?

I've been emailing back and forth with PG Music support, and tried a number of things they suggested, including upgrading to Build 840, rebuilding Styles, run as Administrator. None have helped.

Any advice is appreciated.


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