Re: Changing meter and style within song #BiaB2021

Leighton Cooper

OK I'm going to bback you up to helping to get clarification.  On the Atari ST they had a program DR T's Keyboar Sequencing Level II and they had a conductor track.  Does Biab have the equivalent?  In what way could Biab's conductor track which is called ? do time signature changes?  does it always have to be an even time signature, or can I plus and - What I would do is create a marker at the spot a measure before you want to introduce your time change, if you wanted to change your instrument, you could also add a PG, I think that is the midi code for program change and it would do it silently before it played.  Then get others to help you from there.

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, 08:05:28 AM PDT, Monty Harris via <monty1743@...> wrote:

The way it worked for me was to initialize the tune as 4/4 and then at the first bar change the meter to 3/ can see the time signature changes on the snapshot I have attached. I don't know whether this method works on the 2021 ver.

 I work with a vocalist during the high season - I live in Mexico. Usually we have a trio but with the Covid pandemic it was just her and I and BIAB. There were so many issues with the 2020 version that I went back to the 2019 version. A couple of major issues were changing the song from jazz to a latin feel. Sometimes the drums would change to latin and the bass would play swing. Another issue was the drum fills. They would just show up anywhere. I had to go through all 187 tunes in her repertoire and change the drums to simple and at every part marker disable the drum fill.

Good luck with your time change...Monty

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