Re: Separate drum parts for daw #BiaB2021

Chuck Wiggins

 I haven't seen whether the original questioner was asking about RealDrums or MIDI. Obviously this approach only applies to MIDI.

On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 8:00 AM Wayne (Reed) Knazek via <> wrote:
I think you're confusing "channels" and "tracks". Drums default to channel 10. You can change that, but I don't recommend it.
All drum tracks are assigned to channel 10. You can split the drum instruments up into multiple tracks easily. Edit/Midi/split drums.
Then you would have multiple drum instruments on different tracks, but ALL on channel 10.

If you use more than one synth or sound font, you can assign one to some drum tracks, and another SF to other drum tracks.
Then you can edit the events for each SF/track. As in: Use the default SF you have for the snare. Add reverb, pan it how ever
you want.Then assign a different SF to the kick and toms. Now the reverb won't ruin your mix with the toms and kick. If you have
more than 2 SFs available, assign a different one to the cymbals. Now you can pan one crash left, one right. Snare right. Kick dead
enter. And have some toms left, some right.

But using only one SF, what ever you do to one drum track . . . on channel 10 . . . will change ALL channel 10 tracks. So add reverb
on the snare, ALL drums get reverb. Because you aren't adding reverb to the snare track. You're adding reverb to channel 10.

Same with other event FX. Panning, etc.. Use one SF, you change all drum tracks when adding events. Use 2 SFs, you can have
2 entirely different sets of events for drums. Use 3 or 4 SFs, and you can do a ton of editing to individual drum instruments.

What I do, if I get lucky and make a decent enough drum track, or maybe find one . . . I split the drums into separate tracks. Render
each track into a wave. Then use the audio editing tools to make each drum sound how I want it. They are now all audio tracks,
and are not on ANY channel. So I can EQ each differently. Add 'verb to the snare. Make 2 tracks of snare. EQ them both a bit different
to get them to sound how I want. Pan how I want.  Pan each of the 5 toms so they go low to high/left to right.

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