Re: Separate drum parts for daw #BiaB2021

Emilio Cantini

 Many  thanks Jimmy

Em sex, 2 de jul de 2021 07:26, Jimmy Mcpheators <elcottero@...> escreveu:

I don't know about the plugin but it can be done.
I select style, tempo number of bars etc.
Generate the song using realtracks.
Solo the drum track.
Export the drums to .wav file and I can then use it in Ableton DAW.

It also works with midi drum tracks using a drum plug in in your DAW.

I think Realband can be used as a DAW but I don't really like it.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 07:35 , <emiliocantini@...> wrote:
Please, someone may ask if I can do separate drum parts to use into my DAW with the plug in?
Many thanks 

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