Re: Separate drum parts for daw #BiaB2021

Emilio Cantini

Many thanks Chuck!

Em qua., 30 de jun. de 2021 às 12:35, Chuck Wiggins <cwiggins999@...> escreveu:

If you are talking specifically about RealDrums (not MIDI), you cannot split those. I think there are some RealDrum tracks marked as singles - utility percussion for example - that are isolated, but I don't know of any drum kit RealDrums where the individual drums can be isolated. As others mentioned, you can do that with MIDI drums, and I suppose since most RealDrums have MIDI representation now, you could use those and split them, if MIDI sound quality is sufficient. I don't usually find it as realistic sounding - largely because of the feel of the real drummer.

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