Re: Biab 2021 vs BIAB 2018 for comping

David H. Bailey

On 6/9/2021 6:02 PM, Craig Mullen via wrote:
My experience is that unless you have really good computer you may not get great performance.
True, but if 2018 is working, then 2021 should also work fine, as there hasn't been any great improvement in the processing power of BIAB.

The question I always ask myself before an upgrade or new purchase is: Have I fully made use of the existing capabilities of the software/hardware I already have?
BIAB is very rich in features.  Few people can say that they have mastered all the bells and whistles before forking over the cash for the next version.
What I find with BIAB is that it's the new styles that attract me, not the bells and whistles. When I upgrade it's to find new styles that will better fit the songs I'm playing (or creating backups for my students).

For me the core purpose of the program hasn't improved in many many years. Not since the real styles got sorted out and BIAB was programmed to handle them better. And before that nothing that changed how I have used the program since I bought my first version many many years ago. Back when there were just the built-in styles available.

For me the decision to upgrade hardware/software isn't so much "Have I mastered what I already have?" as much as "How much can the new hardware/software improve my workflow or give me new opportunities the my current stuff can't offer?"

David H. Bailey

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