Re: Biab 2021 vs BIAB 2018 for comping

Arthur Trinchera

I wish Biab sold real styles by style categories. That's the biggest thing that keeps me from upgrading the real tracks is that there are so many I will never ever use. I'd love to just be able to purchase all the jazz, funk
and blues instead of a ton of styles I'll never use. I mean the option to do it either way would be great. 

On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 9:35 PM Leighton Cooper <methodman3000@...> wrote:
  Hi Maurice I just uipgraded Biab to 2021 and purchased the xtra style packs and the pro series.  Biab is like a jukebox.  In fact it has one built in so you can audition the demos.  Part of Biab is discovering  styles you didn't even know existed and then try to find the artist's who make that style.  Also they have pages dedicated to the people who made Biab Real Tracks.  So when you buy Biab you are buying into an ecosystem..  There is also Bob Norton who publishes Biab fakebooks.  But I don't have enough money to do that.  But he's there also with alternate styles.

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I am a jazz vocalist and use BIAB 2018 to comp while I am practicing.  Would I gain much by taking advantage of the mid-year sale PG just announced and upgrade to BIAB 2021 with the ULTRAPAK and all XTRA styles ($299USD) ?

Would it run well on my UX30 Asus laptop with an Intel m3-6y30 @ 0.90 GHz and 8 GBytes ram?   



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