Re: Chord symbols on the main display window (chord sheet) #BiaBPrevious

David H. Bailey

On 3/30/2021 3:52 PM, wrote:
The picture above shows the chord symbols I asked about.  CΔ7, Co (7), Cø7,C-7, for Cmaj7, Cdim7, Cm7b5, Cm7.
The picture is from BIAB help file under "import".  I accidentally found it while I was searching for something else.
This shows that it is possible to use typical jazz chord symbols in the main window of BIAB.
But how do you do it?
Thanks for any comments.

If you look in the Help file, search for Chord Display you can find out more.

I'm glad you asked again -- I've learned something new.

Open the Preferences dialog and click on the Display tab.

In the right-hand column is a listing of options -- find the one that says "Chord Sheet Font." To the right of that is a panel which probably shows "BigBand Chords." If you click the down-arrow to open up that list you'll see different options for chord display. Select "Jazz Chords" and you'll get the symbols you're looking for.

David H. Bailey

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