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David H. Bailey

On 3/28/2021 1:24 PM, wrote:
I have BIAB 2013.   I'd like to use these kinds of chord symbols on the main chord sheet: CΔ, C^o (7), Cø7,C-7, etc.    Is this possible?
I figured out how to do this in the Lead Sheet window, but not the main window.   I've been using BIAB for a few years but not intensively.
Now I'm getting back to using it much more often.   I'm primarily using it for backing tracks for guitar.
I am considering upgrading to the newest version.
With the triangle, do you mean Cmaj7? Just enter that in the chord place.


Cdim should give you the C diminished 7th

Cm7b5 will give you the half-diminished 7th

Cm7 for C minor 7th

There is a help file you can read to learn those things.

Also in the Window menu is an option called "Chord Builder" -- if you opwn that you will be able to see all the chord types that BIAB has to offer. In the middle part of the Chord Builder dialog in the "Extension" section is a drop-down menu which shows "Maj" -- if you click on the down-arrow beside that you will see a list of all the possible chord extensions you can use in BIAB.

David H. Bailey

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