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Terry Mcelroy

Thank you very much for your response.

I found out where I went wrong. As you said, you have to select a MIDI instrument (patch). What I did, incorrectly, was record some MIDI notes in utility #1 before I selected the MIDI instrument option. And what I’ve discovered is you cannot go back and select a MIDI instrument once you have notes in the track. (At least I couldn’t go back and select a MIDI patch)

There doesn’t seem to be a way to copy and paste the notation from or into a utility track (unlike the melody and soloist track where you can use copy special to copy and paste select bars). So, I took a picture of the notation line and I’m going to manually enter them into utility #2 - after I select the MIDI patch. I’m in the process of doing that now so I hope it works.

To me it looks like there’s no way to select a MIDI patch after the notes are in the track. (They’ll show up but they won’t play)

It also looks like there’s no way to copy and paste MIDI notation from specific bars to specific bars in a utility track. (I hope BIAB expands the copy special to include MIDI utility tracks in the future) I noticed you can copy a whole track, which is helpful, but I was hoping to just copy specific bars of notation.

I tried to cheat and I selected a MIDI patch for a new utility track, but when I tried to copy utility #1 track to the new MIDI instrument utility track, it would paste but again wouldn’t play - I think it took the settings from the track I copied from and ignored that I had designated it as a MIDI instrument patch.

So I learned my lesson. This time I’m going to manually enter the MIDI notes into a new instrument MIDI patch track, and in the future, I’ll know to always select MIDI instrument before recording any MIDI notes.

Thanks again


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