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David H. Bailey

On 3/4/2021 8:39 PM, Terry Mcelroy via wrote:
I was hoping someone might be familiar with a problem I'm having in BIAB 2021 - windows.
I’ve managed to record some MIDI notes in utility 1 track. But when I try to playback the recorded MIDI notes. I get no sound. The notes are playing back red, as normal, but I can’t get the sound to play.
I suspect I haven’t assigned an instrument (like an acoustic piano) to utility 1 track, but I don’t see how to do it. It doesn’t seem to give me the option to select a MIDI instrument (only real tracks)
The soloist and the melody are also both MIDI and they seem to play fine.
I reinstalled the latest update, but it doesn’t help.
I’d be grateful for any advice.

I haven't recorded anything in the track, but I can see how to assign it a MIDI instrument. I can't seem to do anything with editing that track if I'm using an external keyboard for the MIDI-in and MIDI-out. But with soft-synths this seems like it should work:

1) be sure the mixer window is showing
2) click on the "eye" icon which shows a list of potential tracks that can be displayd. The normal ones should be checked. Be sure that Utility Track #1 is checked.
3) you should now see that track showing in the mixer view
4) the default synth should be showing in that track. I've got the TTS-1 selected for midi output. If you have something else selected for midi output that should show as the default synth.
5) right-click anywhere on the Utility Track #1 line in the Mixer and select "Select MIDI Instrument (Patch)"
6) that will open up a list of things to choose from to select the patch you want for that track.

As I said I haven't recorded any MIDI data in that track so I can't verify that what I've outlined will actually work, but at least it seems to give the ability to do what you're asking about.

David H. Bailey

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