Re: 2021 BIAB issues. Can anyone help?.

D F Tweedie

This is a 'for what it's worth' comment. I've had good results using 'Chat' on my computer for getting PG Music assistance. There is a sidebar for 'Chat' on most of their website pages.

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Greeting fellow BIAB'ers! here's my story. Being a BIAB user since 2007 (and updating every couple years) I really like BIAB 2021, but am having some issues. Can anyone help me as the technical customer service at PG Music isn't what it used to be in the past, and stopped replying to my questions.

1. Has anyone else had trouble rendering an SGU with multiple tracks coming in at different bars? After being totally frustrated and trying every possible rendering possibility, the 'only' way I can get render these different track to come in and go out as my mute and back to normal settings if to render it to "include 2 bar lead in and 2 bar drum lead in" and then edit them out using Audacity. Anyone else have this issue? .

2. I installed BIAB 2021 on a different computer to test it out and it worked perfectly, UNTIL, I installed the latest update to 2021 and then the same thing happened on this computer. I notified PG Music and they sent me a Beta version of an update they're working on, and now, I can't render anything - ZIP! 

3. I now want to uninstall BIAB 2021 from my second computer, but notice that in 'both' of my computer, unlike other year's versions, BIAB 2021 does not show up in my programs to uninstall it completely, which is what I'd like to do on my second computer as it's now worthless as it won't render. Can someone tell me how best to do it?

Any help you could provide, but please don't tell me to contact PG music...I have politely tried to inquire about actually speaking on the phone with a technical advisor that can help me with both of these issues, all to no avail.  Thank you very much, ED 

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