Re: Midi vs Real Tracks (cont'd) #RealTracks

Chuck Wiggins

On my installation, there's a C:\bb\RealTracks\Data folder that contains 3 folders with RealDrum, Style, and HiQ Demos. So I would assume those should not have WMA files replaced/removed. The "Styles Demos Audio has over 10,000 files. There is a file icon on the Stylesheet player control that does mention downloading a file if it's an URL or showing the file if it's already on the local file system.

On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 1:48 PM David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:
On 2/14/2021 1:24 PM, Bo Stottlemyer wrote:
> I tried moving WMA files to different folder.  Now I can't preview the
> styles.  I also tried changing the WMA extensions to wm1.  No dice.  But
> thanks for your suggestion.

That's very curious because I thought the preview files were either .wav
or .mp3 files that got downloaded each time we click "preview" in the
style picker.

Oh well, at least according to other posts on this subject you can put
the .wma files back in the same folder with the .wav files and trust
that biab is using the .wav files when it compiles your song files.

David H. Bailey

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