Re: Midi vs Real Tracks (cont'd) #RealTracks

D F Tweedie

Apologies, David, if this is 'out of school,' but ...

The actual email address of members is present in the header of each message, so with mutual consent it is easy to share attachments or private messages with other list members.

DF Tweedie

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, 2:57:52 AM PST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

On 2/13/2021 10:18 PM, Charles Alford via wrote:
> Here are ones I have. Hope they help somewhat.

All attachments are stripped from messages to the BIAB group, so if you
have anything to share with the group you need to upload them to the
appropriate folder at the BIAB pageĀ  at and then post a
message about what you uploaded and if possible include a link to the
folder where you uploaded them.

David H. Bailey

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