The Conductor


Hallo, all

I am trying for the first time to use The Conductor. I don't remember
seeing it discussed here before. Maybe it is one of those 'clever'
features that is very little used ?

Anyway, I am actually failing to make it work at all ! I have attempted
to set it to QWERTY  input 'T' - 'go to next part marker'. In the
Conductor window I have ticked  'Enable control by QWERTY keys' and
enabled the button 'Next Part Marker'. If I set a song running, and then
press T, I get a pop-up box message  'Mode is changed to to Next Part
Marker' , but there's absolutely no effect on playback.

If I could get it to work, I would then go on to try to set a Midi
Keyboard key as input, but one step at a time.

What I'm actually trying to experiment with is, not playback of an
entire arrangement, but setting up a drums-only 'song', which I could
use as accompaniment to exploratory live play around specific material;
and I hope(d) the 'go to next part marker' might be a way of inserting a
drum kick at will.

If anyone is familiar with the feature and can suggest what else I need
to do, I'd be grateful to hear. ( I am NOT asking you, David, to
undertake new research on my behalf ! )


Ian G

Wales UK

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