Re: Midi vs Real Tracks (cont'd) #RealTracks


David wrote: "What I don't understand is why the .wma files are included with all the .wav files in the audiophile edition "

I think the reason is the .wma files are standard, the audiophile .wav files are "add-on", so you get the whole pile when you go audiophile. There was a post on the PG Music forum recently about this, and the answer there was that the program looks for the audiophile versions first and uses them if they are there, if you point to an external drive for the realtracks and it is the audiophile drive you definitely get those every time. I have BIAB on 2 different computers, one is tied to the audiophile drive and I use that in my recordings. The other computer, I just use occasionally for trying stuff out etc. Doesn't need that quality file for that.

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