Re: Midi vs Real Tracks (cont'd) #RealTracks


On 2/13/2021 8:46 AM, Bo Stottlemyer wrote:
I am using BIAB Audiophile version 2020 and have a question.  Since PG has placed both the WMA and WAV real tracks into the same folder, how can I be sure I'm selecting only the audiophile WAV tracks?
My understanding is BIAB uses the audiophile WAV tracks if they are there, they are prioritized. You should have them on the external drive provided by PG Music, and should have the program pointing there in the Realtracks and Realdrums option selections. You choose another location for the files there in preferences. Instead of C:\bb or where you installed the BB program. In my case I select, for example, F:\bb\realtracks or wherever the audiophile tracks reside.

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