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What I don't understand is why the .wma files are included with all the .wav files in the audiophile edition -- after all, the publicity brags about the high purity of the .wav files without compression. So why include the .wma files at all in an installation?

I can understand if the audiophile edition includes the option to save space, say on a notebook computer, if one is installing the program on more than one computer, but if the .wav files are included, there should be no reason to include the .wav files.

The only possibility I can think of is that if a person is to export to an mp3 file, the compressed audio of the .wma files might give smaller file sizes, and use the .wav files to export audio as wave files and for playback on the local computer.

I wonder if somewhere in the fine print of the installation files for the audiophile edition or in the documentation there might be some reference as to why both file types are included.

Just wondering . . .

On 2/13/2021 12:37 PM, D F Tweedie via wrote:
David ...
That is, of course, a 'drop dead' solution ... but I can't believe PG Music would expect users to do that on their premium product.
It is a great question that never occurred to me.
Do I faintly recall something about BIAB using the *.wma files when playing the RealTracks styles demo songs?
On Saturday, February 13, 2021, 7:18:50 AM PST, David H. Bailey <> wrote:
On 2/13/2021 8:46 AM, Bo Stottlemyer wrote:
> I am using BIAB Audiophile version 2020 and have a question.  Since PG
> has placed both the WMA and WAV real tracks into the same folder, how
> can I be sure I'm selecting only the audiophile WAV tracks?
Move the .wma files to a different folder so that BIAB can't find them.
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