Re: Midi vs Real Tracks (cont'd) #RealTracks

Wayne (Reed) Knazek

Roger, you'd be amazed by how LITTLE Rick B. makes from monetized videos. Many of his YouTube videos are demonetized by YouTube's "powers that be". Money generated by the videos goes to the original artists, producers, etc., Sometimes the money is split. But might/might not split with Rick. YT chooses to demonetize your video . . . You get nada.  And commonly, the artist, artist's management, business estate management slap these video makers with copyright blaw blaw . . . . and you get zippola for your video. Some cases you might get a share of the money made from the video. (I am NOT opposed to copyright, or having money go to an artist!)

A successful YouTube channel can generate a good bit of profit. The "channel" can, but the videos quite often do not generate anything for the guy or gal putting out the video.

I could put out a great video showing you how to make a style, or pick a style in BIAB that sounds exactly like a specific song. Let's say someone requested Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles. And let's say I did a vid on my BIAB Styles channel on that song. Step by step, Pick the style. Show you the chord progression. Maybe tweak the bass line. Cover all the stuff to make the resulting file sound as close as possible to the original recording.  And let's say I did such a great job on the video that I got a million viewers!  Guess what I did?

I made the Eagles a bunch of money.

"So why go to the bother?" you ask.  Well, if I can get just 1% of that million hits/viewers to join my channel, subscribe, then I just picked up around 10,000 new subscribers! And they "might" check out my other videos. They might even subscribe to my Patreon channel and pay me $1 a month. Maybe ever a couple bucks a month. FOR A WHILE. Until they change their mind. Or stop using BIAB styles. Or die, stop playing music, get married . . . yadda yadda.

If again, 1% of the 10,000 new viewers subscribe at a buck a month, I make another $100 a month. Substantial? NO! But like an insurance salesman, you keep building your base. Over time, eventually, if you're lucky, and work insanely at it, you get more joining than quitting, and make some money.

The search to find new subscribers is non stop. The money comes from "after sales", and  "up sales".  PLUS . . . there are a lot of potential perks for having a huge subscriber base.

EXAMPLE, but NOT necessarily this particular company . . . PGMusic might really like the work I'm doing on the styles channel, contact me, offer me some software, and maybe/maybe not charge me for software updates in the future. Might promote my channel.  Maybe a company out there sees me on PGMusic's site. Maybe that can lead to more perks. Let's say Norton learns about me from the PGMusic site. Loves what I'm doing. Maybe we can share in each other's channels, promote each other, and I get a huge spurt in subscribers! And so does Norton.

NOTE: I'm using PGMusic and Norton in this example because you all know both companies by name and products, and they are relevant to this post. I am not implying that either company would or would not do this. It's just an example.

So that's how it works. Rick does a vid on "Why this song is so great". Gets demonetized. But gets 100 people to buy one of his books. And maybe 1,000 to subscribe to one of his other channels. And maybe 10 or 20 subscribe to his Patreon channel.

That's how it works. Not 100% of the time. And there are exceptions, etc. But there are other reasons why we make videos, or why we spend hours a day sometimes answering questions on our forums and groups, Why we post lessons, or how tos.  Sometimes it's not monetary at all.

Take me, right this minute, for instance. Why am I making a sacrifice to make this post? Just because I like to share, and help when I can.

"Sacrifice!?!" you say. YES! Sacrifice. Not only because of time. But even more important . . . just so you understand how big this sacrifice is . . .

My son just stopped in. While I was writing this post. And he brought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch!  I'm sitting here in
my studio, typing to you, and it's almost 5 o'clock!  I'm typing instead of having a well deserved scotch and water! LOL

Stay safe!  Wayne

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