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You have a good point, and there is more than one right way to make music.

I tend to input everything live in 'real time' using various MIDI controllers, so I guess I'm all the human error I need (sometimes more than I need -- which means I haven't practiced the part enough <grin>)

On 2/10/2021 1:56 AM, D F Tweedie via wrote:
Bob, I overwhelmingly defer to your opinions, but I think you are being slightly harsh.

'Humanizing' and groove are not antithetical. They can be complimentary. 'Humanizing' randomization doesn't have have to be mindless.

A well done MIDI file can have a great groove with the drums and other tracks properly in their respective pockets. It can of course depend if those drums and instruments were played in or programmed.

With programmed files the note velocities and note lengths may be too exacting and repetetive. So you keep the note starts almost untouched with maybe a range of -3 to +10 ticks and a slightly larger range of maybe -5 to + 15 ticks for note ending and velocity. Your still will probably be more exacting than a human player but you'll have a better feel over all.

I think all tools and techniques have their place ... and any can be used inapproriately.

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