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D F Tweedie


I love Rick Beato's channel!

There is a guy, Henry Clark, who is very active on the PG Music forum who has a lot of BIAB videos on YouTube. He focuses on creating entire tracks and songs, mostly covers. He's very entertaining.


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This recent BIAB topic has created an amazing opportunity  for many to share their creative BIAB  workflows and applications.  It would be great to see

Videos on the way people are using BIAB and hear their final mixes.   And even better to listen to the custom styles and they styles that people tweak.


I’m actually surprised someone has not taken the lead to develop a BIAB You tube channel to showcase all the ways BIAB can be used.  This could create an opportunity for someone to build a big user base with subscribers on You tube and monetize their videos. 


I sometimes watch Rick Beato music videos on You tube and he is such an inspiration as a big leader in the success he has in monetizing his music videos on Youtube—I figured he is making a minimum of $50K a year just in You Tube ad sharing revenue---and it is a very minimal small effort in part-time  few hours a week in his interesting music critique videos and some music instruction in theory, songwriting, tolls and tips….such a inspiring business model to follow.




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The sequence of  threads this past week or so has been one of the most enjoyable and enlightening I've ever shared, on any topic, on any group. A massive vindication of this group. Thank you, everyone. 

On Jan's specific point: my line of attack in Biab has up to now usually been to pursue some sort of vaguely-formulated feel or sound. Recent exchanges prompted an alternative thought, probably more appropriate to the limitations of my own musicianship: if there are 'good' styles in the way that Jan means, maybe I'd do better to agonise less over the choice of a style, or the assembly of a set of parts (take your point here too, Mr Norton), and simply try and accommodate my own line to that groove ?

Which leads on to a final practical point: Jan says "there are styles in there that are really intricate......" Would members like to flag up the styles they think meet this high standard of quality?


Ian G

Wales UK

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I agree that most built in styles are mechanical, repetitive, bland. Nevertheless, there are styles in there that are really intricate.
pair them with good Kontakt libraries and you’d swear you heard a real band. 

As everyone seems to agree on: midi ain’t dead at all. 

Being really into ECM style jazz, Dejohnette, Joshua Redman, Joey Calderazzo, I came up with my own styles. Took me a long, long time to master stylemaking, but I am really proud of them. And enjoy playing with biab more, now. Even putting up with all the weirdness and bugs of it. :)


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