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A problem with MIDI is that it's easier to make a bad MIDI file than a bad recorded audio file. You don't need microphones, pristine audio environments or the skill to actually play a musician instrument.

That means there are a lot of bad MIDI files out there.

For BiaB styles, most of PG Music, Norton Music, Roy Hawkesford and Sherry Mayrent MIDI styles are done well.


On 2/8/2021 3:41 PM, Sam Buttrey wrote:
I've enjoyed the helpful discussion regarding using BIAB's midi output (and a suitable sound source) vs. Real Tracks. Following Bob Norton, I don't object to losing a little purity of musical tone, in exchange for the convenience of Midi. But surely there's another aspect: that is, whether the Midi itself is well constructed. Even with an excellent sound module, some Midi files might well sound mechanical, by virtue of hyper-precise timing, no variability in velocities, and so on. I know Bob sells his own styles, and I'm sure they're excellent, but my question to anyone listening is, are the built-in BIAB styles generally rich enough in this sort of variation to sound like (excuse me) a real band? Are some genres generally better than others, or maybe are more recent styles better than older ones?
I appreciate any thoughts you might have,
Sam B. from near Monterey, CA

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