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D F Tweedie

Almost all competent DAWs contain MIDI plugins or features in the track headers to introduce 'humanizing' into the MIDI playback of a track. They do this by including parameters, for examples, that permit you to choose ranges for timing, note length, velocity, etc., in random manner that changes 'mechanical' note entry into something more interesting.

This does not take into account the additional 'massaging' that can be accomplished through a DAW's MIDI editor.

On Monday, February 8, 2021, 12:42:05 PM PST, Sam Buttrey <buttrey@...> wrote:

I've enjoyed the helpful discussion regarding using BIAB's midi output (and a suitable sound source) vs. Real Tracks. Following Bob Norton, I don't object to losing a little purity of musical tone, in exchange for the convenience of Midi. But surely there's another aspect: that is, whether the Midi itself is well constructed. Even with an excellent sound module, some Midi files might well sound mechanical, by virtue of hyper-precise timing, no variability in velocities, and so on. I know Bob sells his own styles, and I'm sure they're excellent, but my question to anyone listening is, are the built-in BIAB styles generally rich enough in this sort of variation to sound like (excuse me) a real band? Are some genres generally better than others, or maybe are more recent styles better than older ones?
I appreciate any thoughts you might have,
Sam B. from near Monterey, CA

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