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Hi William ...

I think it depends on how you want to use it.

First, despite the poor quality of the Microsoft synth sounds, if you like the compositional/ arrangement features of existing BIAB MIDI styles you could render them with quality sounds of your own selection either from your hardware or from a softsynth. Once those MIDI files are imported into your DAW and you strip the patch change number from the file you can create your customized sounds for your productions.

Second and building off the first of liking the BIAB MIDI style, you can now also massage the MIDI notes themselves so to add variety to that instrument and the arrangement with pitch changes and all the wonder of CC parameters.

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Hello All!
I have never used MIDI with my BNAB.  I have updated my Audiophile Edition every year since 2013 and have used it live and for recording sessions When a style loads with a MIDI track, I select a Real Track instead.  Years ago I would record a SMPTE track to sync my multi-track analog recorder to an Atari 1040ST.  That way when mix day came all the MIDI tracks played live, in real time along with the recorded tape tracks.  I don't even have a MIDI interface in my studio these days....I have been thinking about getting a new USB audio interface with the MIDI in and out...Maybe a Presonus Studio 26C.  I still have many keyboards and sound modules...even a vintage Juno 106.  

My question:  What advantages would be gained by adding MIDI to my current setup?  Now I just record the keyboard parts into my DAW after rendering my BNAB to audio files.  I guess the Windows MIDI, Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth are not the highest quality sounds...not like a keyboards quality.  Maybe MIDI will open up a new area that I should explore?  Any thoughts?  Thanks

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After I have completed. writing a song in BIB with which includes bringing instruments in and out of the piece I then open up the DAW  and import it into Por Tools. However, when I play it back in the DAW it all the instruments play back ignoring the bar settings in BIB. Any suggestions?  


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