William Prentice

Hello All!
I have never used MIDI with my BNAB.  I have updated my Audiophile Edition every year since 2013 and have used it live and for recording sessions When a style loads with a MIDI track, I select a Real Track instead.  Years ago I would record a SMPTE track to sync my multi-track analog recorder to an Atari 1040ST.  That way when mix day came all the MIDI tracks played live, in real time along with the recorded tape tracks.  I don't even have a MIDI interface in my studio these days....I have been thinking about getting a new USB audio interface with the MIDI in and out...Maybe a Presonus Studio 26C.  I still have many keyboards and sound modules...even a vintage Juno 106.  

My question:  What advantages would be gained by adding MIDI to my current setup?  Now I just record the keyboard parts into my DAW after rendering my BNAB to audio files.  I guess the Windows MIDI, Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth are not the highest quality sounds...not like a keyboards quality.  Maybe MIDI will open up a new area that I should explore?  Any thoughts?  Thanks

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After I have completed. writing a song in BIB with which includes bringing instruments in and out of the piece I then open up the DAW  and import it into Por Tools. However, when I play it back in the DAW it all the instruments play back ignoring the bar settings in BIB. Any suggestions?  


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