D F Tweedie

Yes. Make sure you set the BPM in your DAW to the same BPM that you used to generate your song in BIAB.

Most DAWs default to a BPM of 120 which is used to determine the bar markers. Also, if you import the 'count off' from BIAB in the files you export to your DAW, your first bar will begin at 3 even if you have adjusted your BPM in your DAW to match your song's.

Just chop off the first two bars and slide your tracks to the left if you want the bars to be identical to what you see in your BIAB chord sheet.

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, 4:37:58 PM PST, rtambuscio via <rtambuscio@...> wrote:

After I have completed. writing a song in BIB with which includes bringing instruments in and out of the piece I then open up the DAW  and import it into Por Tools. However, when I play it back in the DAW it all the instruments play back ignoring the bar settings in BIB. Any suggestions?  


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