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D F Tweedie

Any VSTi that is properly installed and registered with the operating system (thank you, Ron!) will work with BIAB ... even ones that aren't GM Modules.

You could set up Kontakt in BIAB with it's 4 16 channel MIDI ports and pick your own patches to mirror or improve the GM standard patches.

The only limitation on using a VSTi in BIAB is that you can only use one instantiation at a time. So practically speaking you are limited to instruments that are multi-timbral, that is capable of playing on more than one channel at a time. But strictly speaking they do not have to be GM compatible if you know what instrument patch the specific MIDI channel calls for. You can then, for an example, roll your own 'Grand Piano.'

To continue my 'CD Player' and 'CD' metaphor, the CD Player doesn't care which outlet you plug it into ... assuming compatible operating system and host (e.g., AU plugins don't work on Windows and AAX plugins only work in Pro Tools).

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, 3:32:39 PM PST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey@...> wrote:

On 2/2/2021 1:01 PM, D F Tweedie via wrote:
[snip]> @David ... Steinberg's entry level and up versions of Cubase
throw in
> Halion SE (Halion Special Edition), which includes a feature to
> automatically open in GM mode with full soundset. That is, if you import
> a MIDI file and instantiate Halion SE, it will load with the correct
> instruments per channel.
> There is also an advanced, full version of Halion that sells separately.
> It has some additional functions and a very large collection of sounds
> beyond GM which are categorized in such a way as to very easily be
> auditioned in the case you might want something close to but more
> distinctive than the stock GM voice.
But can the Halion SE be used as a soft-synth within BIAB?

David H. Bailey

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