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David H. Bailey <dhbailey@...>

For the TTS-1 with all of its sounds, it's not a very big .dll so I am guessing that somehow there is a library of sounds which is part of the package but not installed in the same folder with the TTS-1.dll file. And I am guessing that the .dll is searching for those data files for the actual sounds using some sort of regressive tree structure rather than specific paths but that's just a wild guess.

It matters not -- it only works from the original installation folder so somehow it's linked to other files within that installation folder.

I know that most VST and DXi plugins are self-contained or at least have all their data within the same local folder but apparently that's not the case this time.

But at least now we know that the original installation needs to be kept intact. Unless someone with deeper knowledge of these things can find out more.

In any event, I am very grateful for all this discussion and the followup messages because I had basically written off using the MIDI styles in my private lessons, since they're all online and I share my computer's audio with my students so I can play BIAB files and they come through my students' computers for them to practice playing jazz and improvising with. Now that I've got TTS-1 working so nicely with BIAB, I can use MIDI styles and don't have to search for substitute realstyles before playing the songs for my students.

It's been a real eye-opener, Thanks everybody!

On 2/6/2021 7:49 AM, IAN GRAHAM via wrote:
Thanks, David.
That sounds very much as if there is a deliberate spoiler in there
somewhere - my experience is that *.dll soundfonts are usually very
tolerant of being copied around, provided the computer recognises them.
i.e. Some need a specific installation, many don't.
Ian G.
On 06/02/2021 12:33, David H. Bailey wrote:
On 2/5/2021 10:19 PM, IAN GRAHAM via wrote:
Can I confirm if I'm understanding this right ? The following summary
is partly what has already been said, and partly based on my own
experience, and what I've read online:

TTS-1 is a fairly elderly but quite respected GM softsynth. It
currently comes bundled with Bandcamp.

What this means is that there is a TTS-1.dll somewhere in the
Bandcamp package.

Can this, therefore, once found, be used independently of Bandcamp
i.e. imported into Biab directly, or made standalone with something
like Savihost or Nanohost ?
The location of the .dll file is C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared

Once Cakewalk is installed, I tried copying the TTS-1 folder to a
different hard drive, then renamed the folder it was inside of so that
BIAB wouldn't be able to find it in the old location.  Then I had BIAB
search for new plugins.  Apparently the TTS-1 synth only works when it
is in its original installation folder.  There must be other files
that it looks for in specific folders relative to where it is
installed, so it has to remain within the Cakewalk installation.

But for most people it's not a big deal since hard-drives these days
are so cheap and large that installing Cakewalk and not using it other
than to have the TTS-1 soft-synth available for use in BIAB.

I can't say whether it could be used as a standalone in Savihost or
Nanohost, but apparently it can't be used at all if not in the
original installation location.
David H. Bailey

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