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"....Once Cakewalk is installed, I tried copying the TTS-1 folder to a different hard drive, then renamed the folder it was inside of so that BIAB wouldn't be able to find it in the old location. Then I had BIAB search for new plugins. Apparently the TTS-1 synth only works when it is in its original installation folder. There must be other files that it looks for in specific folders relative to where it is installed, so it has to remain within the Cakewalk installation....."

No, it doesn't need to be in the Cakewalk installation folder.  What it does need is to be registered.  I haven't followed these TTS-1 threads fully, but I suspect some confusion will be cleared by perusing  this link , including the link contained therein.

TTS-1, as supplied with the current Cakewalk by Bandlab, is a 64 bit DXi plugin.  If you've installed it by installing cakewalk, but only want it for use in  BB, try this:

(1. Install Cakewalk by Bandlab)
2. Copy the TTS-1 folder to where you want it (preferably not a VST folder simply because it's not a VST).
3. Uninstall Cakewalk
4. Open a command window as administrator.
5. Change the current directory to
%systemroot%\SysWoW64\  where %systemroot% is the root directory of your windows installation drive.
6. Execute this line: 
regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared DXi\TTS-1\TTS-1.dll"
where the address between the quotes is the full address of where you put the TTS-1.dll . 
7. Open BiaB and "find" the TTS-1 plugin.  Set it as the default synth.

If the above does NOT work, please post whatever error message you get.  Note that regsvr32 is a 32 bit program, but will run under Win10 64 bit.  Don't be confused by the fact that regsvr32 is 32 bit and regsvr64 (found in another directory in the root tree, is 64.  Either should register a DX dll in a Windows(64bit) registry.  EDIT Actually both versions are named regsvr32.  It’s their directories that differ.  On 64 bit Windows, I believe either will work.  Sorry for misinformation.

This is the so called "manual registration" method for dll files.  As JFord says in the link above, windows registration is required for dll's that are DXi's but is frequently also used for VST's, primarily so hosts can check that they're properly licensed.  You usually don't "see" registration happen, because plugins are usually installed automatically by the host apps they come with.

If you are still running BiaB as 32 bit, then you'll need the 32 bit TTS-1.  I don't know whether Cakewalk by Bandlab currently supplies the 32 bit version, but I imagine it's available somewhere.

Hope this helps someone.

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