Re: Soft synth TTS-1


Can I confirm if I'm understanding this right ? The following summary is partly what has already been said, and partly based on my own experience, and what I've read online:

TTS-1 is a fairly elderly but quite respected GM softsynth. It currently comes bundled with Bandcamp.

What this means is that there is a TTS-1.dll somewhere in the Bandcamp package.

Can this, therefore, once found, be used independently of Bandcamp i.e. imported into Biab directly, or made standalone with something like Savihost or Nanohost ?

Ian G

Wales UK

On 04/02/2021 14:36, royjamie@... wrote:
Good day
Further to David's response re Bandlab.& TTS-1
TTS-1 works well with Bandlab installed. The question I have is: can Bandlab be uninstalled  after TTS-1 is installed and will it continue to function normally? 

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