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Hayward Martin

I'm with you on Audacity.  It's easy and it works.  But, not a DAW.

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I've used ProTools before.  I did find it a bit easier to learn than Cakewalk.  And I have Ableton that came with my Scarlett too, but I never tried it.   DAWs in general have a fairly steep learning curve.  So for most of my general purpose sound recording and editing chores I've stayed with Audacity.  No, it's not a full DAW, but it does most of what I need and it is very easy to learn.

On 2/5/2021 5:31 PM, Arthur Trinchera wrote:
Do you use the free Pro Tools? I've tried to get it several times but got sound card errors every time I tried to install but that was on on my older cheap HP laptop. I just got a new beefy pc. Perhaps I should try again. You said you've tried many DAWS. Have you tried Ableton. How would it compare to Pro Tools? I have the lite version that came bundled with Scarlett 2i2.

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I've used all the DAWs you mention before ultimately settling on Pro Tools and Cubase.

I found Cakewalk's Sonar to be the most convoluted and difficult to learn and soon left for greener pastures. If your goal is to master it you'd be well served to buy some of the 10 Sonar tutorial offerings on Groove3 ... or take a subscription. Here's a link to one offering.

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It's been my thought for years that Cakewalk is a DAW with capabilities on par with other top DAWs like ProTools (but not as popular), PreSonus, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton, etc. But since it's free now, one might expect it to be simple to use and a bit less powerful, along the lines of Audacity.  But it's a full DAW, and the learning curve is steep.


On 2/5/2021 3:10 PM, Mr Dave wrote:
I downloaded and installed Cakewalk, but it doesn't seam to be very intuitive to use.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to learn the program?


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I don't know if anybody is interested but here is a link for cakewalk""][/a]I dowloaded it yesterday and it's okay but not for me .There are too many bells and whistles that i would never use                                                                                                                                                                          hope this is helpful                     rob !                                                                 

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