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Robert Lohse <plumbbobby190@...>

I am sure there is a tutorial on you tube

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 3:32:21 PM CST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

On 2/5/2021 4:10 PM, Mr Dave wrote:
> I downloaded and installed Cakewalk, but it doesn't seam to be very
> intuitive to use.
> Does anyone have any ideas as to how to learn the program?

Steve is right -- it's a very complex program.  It's a full blown
DigitalAudioWorkstation (DAW) of a level that professional music
producers and recording engineers have used it in the creation of
commercial recordings.  Most of that profession has moved on to
different DAWS but Cakewalk (which used to be called Cakewalk and then
evolved into Sonar in various editions, all developed by Twelve Tone
Systems) still remains very powerful and not intuitive (none of them are!)

You can find youtube videos on cakewalk specifically as well as more
general "here's what you can do with a DAW" sorts of videos, there is a
users manual you can read, and you can probably find used copies of
Sonar-based aftermarket books on ebay (make sure they're books about
Sonar the music program and not discussing submarine warfare), which
should help get you started with Cakewalk.

David H. Bailey

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